Now this is a hard one. Because is it so radical. Nintendo continues with its most radical game design so far – the Wario Ware (please correct me on that one, if you know it better). It is a collection of mini, or better micro-games, that loosely connect into one big play. Or better playability.

The next thing, that can be seen on the horizon already, is WarioWare: Made in Ore. The game will be basically the same as Wario Ware, but multiplied with one more measure of new radical creation of content. Because, the user will be able to add own mini-games to the Wario Ware channel. The microgames can be created and customized with the Nintendo hardware and the editors, that come along. Nintendo is planning make some sort of online-shop named “Game Shop Ninte” available, where you can upload own levels, as well as download, share and remix things other users made. Also the best levels of the month should be picked. Now say what?

Enough theory. Here is some evidence.

Absolutely at the roots of Super Mario, with that spacial dash of microgames.

Create graphics and basic animations

Create “Cart Art”

More videos of this i.e. at Offworld.

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