The Rozzbox is a very interesting music device. Not only because of the device itself, but mainly for the story behind it. The Rozzbox is manufactured by L.L. Electronics, an one-man-company that does everything from research to design and constructing. The approach is very personal and you can pre-order upcoming devices now.

Isn’t this a beauty?

L.L. Electronics is based in a small German city, far away from the buzz of the metropolitan cities. Doing this kind of work from the middle of nowhere makes this company even more likable for me. I think the Rozzbox (in German you speak like Rotz-Box, something like “Snot-Box”) will find many warm places in homes of people who from time to time fall in love with their electronic music devices. Manufacturing, design, the open and friendly approach… a very web 2.0 way of working.

And yes, you can listen to a Rozzbox Demosong

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