Peter Boeme Google Streetview Landscape

Cologne based illustrator and CG-artist Peter Boehme made a handful of landscape-illustrations, that are based upon explorations of Google Street-View. He basically used the Google-tool to find a landscape and then overdraw them. The result are really nice landscape drawings. And the remembrance to go more often on virtual walks with Street View…

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You maybe already head of the MOTORCHESTRA. It’s the latest project from Cologne-based artist Jasper Diekamp. He build an “incredible machine”, that lets you make dub-techno-inspired music, but with real analogue machines. The “core” of the motorchestra is a collection of chains with magnets and other things, that can work as triggers for the real-world.

If you live in Cologne, you want to go to the premier-concert. It will be a ride between circuit-bending, hardwarehacking, livemusic and visuals. The others will enjoy the video about the project.

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Vinyl still has many, many fans out there. And meanwhile people are trying to make their own vinyls in the DIY / FabLab / Maker-community. The first projects a “vinyl” made with a laser-cutter in maple wood. The sound-quality is how you might expect: not the best. But having such an exclusive item.. why not.

This second project was an earlier attempt to actually produce a vinyl-record on a high quality 3D-printer. The result is visually closer to a known vinyl-record. But also here the soundquality is not the best. But who knows… maybe the community will eveolve on that topic as well. Having exclusively made “audio-printouts” for the turntable is a great thing to have!

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Do not touch – A lovely crowdsourced video, that makes the audience partly to the director. The mouse-movements of the visitors are recorded and put into the next iteration of the videoclip. Hell a lots of words here, it much more simple to just enjoy the production, for example by clicking here.

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Jillian Aversa is a game music vocalist singer and you maybe already know her voice from the remarkable Zircon-Album “Identity Sequence“. She now wants to produce an own album – a concept album with little about atlantis, “self-awakening” and such things.

Maybe the music sounds a little cheesy and esoteric at the first listen. I also though so about at Zircons “Identity Sequence”. But from my experience this impression leaves after some listening. It did at least at the Zircon album with I really listened heavily to.

The project got completely funded after just 12 hours – now bonus-programs are offered if the Kickstarter reach higher points, like Orchestra recordings, videoclips or remix-album.

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snesbox contra3


The site SNESBox is all about Super Nintendo games. With a Adobe flash ready-to-play emulator, you can launch any Super Nintendo game and have a play of Super Mario All Stars, Mario Cart, Contra or Zelda just one click away. People can also load up their walkthrough or speed runs. Everyone then can just enjoy the walkthrough of the game. A nice portal who want to play all this cool games again, without messing with the hardware or software emulators.

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This video features a “supercut” of all videogames, that were ever played in The Simpsons. Most stuff to laugh at, but also some very interesting ideas in it. A especially like “Uh no, you’re in Texas”, the highly educational game “Word Jammers” and the golf-simulator at the end of the vid… (via)

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