Korean Artist Seung Mo Park uses wire meshes and simple wires to create huge, realistic looking portraits. They look a little bit like old woodcuts. Portraits are from the series “Maya“. (via)

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A beautiful view over the river Rhine in Cologne

ASCII Street View is a wonderful mashup-application, featuring Google StreetView, WebGL and a Image to ASCII-renderer. You can go along with Street View and enjoy city-panoramas rendered in ASCII. Beatuiful stuff for digital nerds. A little bit, like landscape-painting 2.0. The project was made by Peter Nitsch. You can read more about it at Teehan and Lax.

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By coincidence I found this neat tool called Fugu, that uses Lua to generate 3D-forms. The tools seems very straightforward: After download the small IDE you directly have a short tutorial and hands-on on your screen. After a small research, I figured out, that this project is currently alpha and discontinued. In the end it is open-source and the project-founders would be happy, if there would be someone to take this project further.

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Zircon is one of the best game-music artists at the moment! Ultimately since the soundtrack for Globulous game there is no way to NOT have Zircon on the radar.

Identity Sequence is the title of his new album, that was released in December 2012. The album features a “Ghost in the Shell“-ish cyperpunk vibe, with breakbeats and female vocals. A pushing and slamming drive to let go. Sometimes it gets a little too cheesy for my taste – but if you love this vibes in general, than this is a sure listen / buy. Get and listen to it at Zircon’s Identity Sequence site.

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Flowlab.io looks like a new promising project for game designers and rapid developers and friends of trying out stuff online. With Flowlab you can quickly develop games and game-prototypes right in your browser. It is a complete game studio including a built in sprite editor, an integrated physics engine and visual logic designer – some of you will think of Game Maker maybe…

The Flowlab-people promse, that games built with Flowlab are playable on web and can be exported to the iPhone and iPad as well. So, why not have a look?

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BetaBlocker DS is a little bit older now, but still a very cool concept for a generative music synthesizer. This is a homebrew project for the Nintendo DS and grew out of the “livecoding”-scene, around the people from Pawfal.org.

In Betablocker you use some sort of “spacial programming language” and tiny bits, that make up little synth-modules. By spawning out particles into that system you can trigger sounds, waves and other things, that are tweakable. A nice principle to build low-level-synths, that could be explored more! They call it “bytecode-genetic-programming” or so. Here are some demo-patterns

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This video is four hours of pure great chipmusic tracks with visuals! And there are 3 parts of this – 12 hours of chip in total!! Wipe away the december-darkness with chipmusic sound!

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