C4 is the name of a new “Creative Coding Framework” for iOS. It is entirely written in Objective-C, looks very polished at the first glance and remembers on simple and clean things, you might kow from OpenFrameworks. I expect to get the things done as elegant and quickly like using OpenFrameworks or its older brother Processing (that is currently getting a Android and JavaScript makeover!).

The URL of the project is as easy as C4iOS.com. I didn’t got into the technical details yet, but it looks, that C4 does a highly specialized encapulation of objects and enhances them, like doing lines, typo, movies, fonts, colors and openGL. This are things, that you can do with Obj-C and UIKit as well, but I expect it to do this with C4iOS faster, more flexible and in the end more elegant. Anyway… Here is the C4iOS site with some examples. Others like to read a little more about the backgrounds of this project at the Creative Applications Weblog.

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A very nice music video, featuring original electro vibes, neo-retro asian-hitech dreams, software-robot-avatar and astounding colors with blurred glitches all over the place – and blurred sounds as well! Really enjoyed it! Directed and produced by The Great Nordic Sword Fights. Song taken from TV Dream EP, released on FOFMusic.

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Besides the “Evoke“, the Gamescom and the Game Developers Conference Europe, there is another fine event, that established itself within the “Cologne Game Week” in mid-august. It’s the Platine-Festival – a still fresh off-festival for game art, media art and related art and music (now in its 3rd year). To get you an idea of things to expect, feel free to download this free CC-teaser-compilation, called BACKUP12.

It features a great selection of chip music tunes. A really fresh selection!! I especially like the tracks “Expelling Bee“, merging distorted guitar with chipmusic and the “Chango Island” – a nice dub-remix of one of the Melee-Island tunes you probably will familiar with if you ever played Monkey Island.

A great compilation and a great event, too. Just don’t miss it. The big party will be tomorrow (Thursday, 16. 08. 2012).

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The Evoke 2012 was a blast! Extremely good party with lots of substantial content! Here a selection of some of the best demos from this years Evoke.

Väre by Brainstorm (PC Demo, 2nd place)

70s by Alcatraz (PC Demo / WebGL, 1st place)

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Petit Computer Nintendo DS

Petit computer is a freshly released tool for DSi Ware, that looks absolutely like being something for nerds. With “Petit Computer” you can write BASIC-programs directly on the Nintendo DS – I guess with all the drawbacks, that BASIC offers: limited performance, blocky syntax and in the end also hard editing, if I imagine coding on the Nintendo DS device itself. On the other hand, this tool offers quick coding fun to get into, all those little tools, helpers, graphics and small games, you can quickly do with BASIC.

One of the most interesting features is, that you can not only use WiFi to exchange your written programs – but you can also swap codes and publish them by using QR-Codes! Yes! This means, you can stick your actually running codes as a QR Code in the public space for other to load them (supposed people have hard and software). And this in the end is a really great thing to do! (via)

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Just discovered two demos from the “Alternate Party” 2010. They are as you can see a little bit older now, but nevertheless both great in its own way. Just check them out:

Fr-072: Aeon 5 by Farbrausch

Binary of Babel by Segfault Garden

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Colognes finest party of the year – the demoscene-event Evoke – is going to happen once again in 2012. Expect finest coders, artists and party people at the Aberteuerhallen Kalk in Cologne from the 10.-12. August 2012.

The event is directly followed by the Gamescom-fair from 15. – 19. August 2012 and the Platine-Cologne media-game-art exhibition from 13. – 16. August 2012. Like every year, be in Cologne in August! Enough dates… Let’s now roll the official Evoke-2012 invitation… “It all comes together at Evoke

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