Cologne Commons Compilation Vol. 2

In less than four weeks our first conference and festival on free music, creative commons and new cultural markets – the Cologne Commons – will take place in Cologne (12. – 13. June 2009). It will feature an exhibition showing ten years of netlabel-culture, an conference, where media-experts and musicians from Germany will talk about the changes and chances of the ongoing cultural and technological shift. At night of this two days a full equipped festival program will showcase music-talents from all over the world, who use the internet successfully as tool and promotion platform. At least, they are good at their instruments, too!

To celebrate and to give a tribute, we released a second mp3-compilation with tracks from artists, that will play at the festival. It contains music from Rktic, Goto80, Comfort Fit, Entertainment for the Braindead, Backwater Planet and more. Be sure to check it out. Head for a listen and a download at the Cologne-Commons website. Feel free to spread the word. Little more info in English here.

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