Time to give a bit of worship to a absolutely well made free indie-game. Beacon (.zip) is a wonderful little platformer with the most remarkable feature, that is plays in the dark. Your guide your guy through this dark world and have to follow a “beacon”, a light, that shows you the way.

Beacon combines wonderful storytelling with engaging gameplay. It maybe is a total esoteric story, about light, darkness and death. Until you see the end (no I won’t tell you, go and have a play yourself).

From the beginning of the game you feel a strong desire to reach the end of this dark world. Some moments are a little frustrating, i.e. like playing the same scene over and over again, falling into darkness, not know where to jump off right. I also didn’t liked the uncertainty, how many levels there are still to solve (like is it a mini game? A small or a large one?). A mini-map, that gives an overview about the game progress in general, would be a nice thing to have, giving more confidence to the player, enlarging the gaming fun. I also also want to doubt the replay value of Beacon. Maybe some small tricks would make this game interetings, to “play” it into more than only “one” direction?

Anyway, a great game, that should be checked out! Let’s do not forget, that it was basically made for the Ludumdare 48-hours contest.

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