I can remember releasing music from Minusbaby several years ago on some of my first own netlabel experiments, (i.e. here and here). His music was always a little bit of extraordinary and just like today never to put into genre-categories. Well, meanwhile I switched from releasing music to developing and writing, but Minusbaby still makes music and releasing it as well.

The latest work “Left” is tight and magic at the same time and from his 8-Bit-People release emerged a “community-driven remix project”. Extravaganza! Creative Commons galore! Best directly head over to the mini-site, enjoy, do, create and share the magic!

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  1. […] veteran Minusbaby was published at the site of the Blipfestival. We had lately a musicwork from him presented here at Digital Tools. Oh, if you didn’t have already seen the triler from this […]