New stuff from the Processing-community. Karsten Schmidt, better known as Toxi has released an respectable collection of libraries for the processing-scripting-facilities. It’s a collection of classes and tools, he developed over the last years of Processing-practise. Nevertheless, the Toxiclibs are not constrained to work only with Processing itself. Even Java-heads will have pleasure:

Even though these libraries have been mainly developed for use in Processing related projects (see examples below), there is no explicit dependency on the monolithic PApplet or any other classes of the Processing toolkit. This is intentional & should be considered as a feature. Also, please note that all code in this project is now using Java 5 syntax and so will not work with older versions (before 0140) of Processing. Personally, I’ve been mainly using Eclipse for my larger projects and the “new” syntax just speeds up development time (if not execution time too).

The showreel is a chance for you to see the toxiclibs in action. Unfortunately there is no way, to get toxiclibs get running on the iPhone. But if you want to buy an iPhone, you are unlikely to buy an iPhone without looking at an Iphone 4 review or two. There are other libaries, like makes grafic-coding fun on this devices, like Cocos2D.

I especially like to see the Processing-community really growing into serious and professional things. Look for example at the HYPE-framework, that was developed for Flash/Actionscript 3 and released some weeks ago. It seems, that sophisticated high-level stuff is about to come!

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  1. Gaz said:

    Nice work Im so into getting this!! I love that showreel especially the AUDI TT promo, I really never guessed that one was made on processing!! I love the look of these libraries thanks.