I’m totally not sure yet what to think of the new (and still beta) release of NodeBox 2 (located at this beta-site at the moment). It is once again GPL and build upon NodeBox. You can use Python-Scripts to generate “generative art”. Like the original NodeBox, that was Macintosh-only, NodeBox2 has the emphasis clearly on simplicity and quick and direct results. In this release they have two new main features. The first one is not really a feature in the deeper sense of meaning: It is available for Windows. The second: It’s got a graphical-editor, where you can combine modules in some sort of “maxMSP-style”. I just played with it a little bit, and can confirm, that this approach really leads to once again much quicker results, than tinkering with code only. Purist will also come to their right, because tinkering with code only is also an option. Well, let’s see how this new (kind of) user-interface will react with the output. I am totally in love with this plain simplicity of NodeBox1. Having too much of everything, and getting results too quickly is not always for the best. Let’s just wait and see what will happen.



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  1. James said:

    HOLY SHIT!!!!!! DO WANT!

  2. cloo said:

    This one is nice!

  3. Nek said:

    That’s amazing! Was waiting for the Nodebox to become crossplatform for years.
    This new version reminds me of SideFX Houdini and that I really like.

  4. max said:

    woaah gotta check it out! made quite some animations with NB1 that we still use for our visuals shows!

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