The Assemblee competition is done – votings for the submissions are now accepted. The whole Assemblee was this kind of… massive! It was a cometition based on two parts. In the first part, everyone was invited to submit graphics, sprites and all other kinds of assets to make a game out of it. Not only the number, but also the quality of the submissions (warning, huge list) was awesome. A big pool computer- and gamegraphics. There was also a part about music. In total over 170 people submitted stuff. All this content is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

In the next step of the compo, this assets were used, in order to make games. In total 73 games were submitted. And they all look extremely cool. You now have the chance to make the Assemblee-organizers a little bit of work by voting. There are votings for the assets and votings for the final games. Whatever you do – have fun exploring this stuff. Votings are open till 3rd February 2010. Thanks to all participants for this!

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