One of the oldest netaudio-sites, the “Kahvi Collective” is still active after releasing 296 single releases with over 800 tracks. Kahvi is planning a new “Various Artist” Compilation for the beginning of the new year 2011 and they are looking for contributions for that release (feel free to contact Kahvi directly). The ones who know Kahvi know, that they have an unique IDM-ish sound, that held true from the very first Kahvi-release until know.

Time to look at the latest “Various Artists” compilation, called “Secret Games“. It is not only the cover that is good. The music is also dense, compact and light. Between some irrelevant tracks you will find some jewels at “Secret Games”, tracks that are good not only from a musical point of view, but also mixed and mastered very quietly. A little bit of tracker music meets digital clarity and the warmth of a open fire at wintertime.

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