The Swedish journalist and web editor Mathias Jansson put together a book about game art. Most of the contents are interviews with people, who are deep into the art and creation of making games, like Jonatan Söderström “Cactus”, Jeroen D. Stout or Krystian Majewski. This makes it a very valuable and insightful resource on games, game art and mutlimedia arts in general. The book is called “Everything I shoot is art“. The book is freely available on the web and can also be bought as paperback edition. (via Next Level)

Before this book Mathias released another 500+ pages book about a silmilar topic called “Insert Art to Play”. This book was also available for free on the web, but is currently offline, because this book should be released as paperback.

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  1. […] Collecting essays and interviews from the past several years — most notably including talks with indies like Cactus, Die Gute Fabrik‘s Nils Deneken, Trauma creator Krystian Majewski, glitch artist Max Capacity, Chasing Aurora developer Martin Pichlmair and local favorite lo-fi art/game creator Pippin Barr — you can grab the book as a free download via Lulu (or as a very affordable paperback). [via Digital Tools] […]