Windosill does look interesting. This flash-based game is a point and click adventure, but it made the jump from being a collection of ideas to being a world full of riddles, possibilities and atmosphere. Think of games like Loom or Samorost. I even identified elements from Little Big Planet. Similar to the former games Feed the Head or Arcobots, the narrative is on an abstract level. Exploration and surprises are the thing you mainly will do, compared to use logic in order to solve riddles. The graphics are plain, clean and mostly blue, just like the other games from Vectorpark. The animation are very smooth and delicate. If you are into surrealistic worlds, subtle sound effects and well done animations, you should give this game a try. Just download this pleasure. There is also a full version available, costing only 3 dollars, so go for it! Read more about it at Jay is Games.
(via Torley)


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