Finwick is an absolute lovely crafted, triple-A flashgame. In this platformer you guide Finwick and his girlfriend Pentella through different levels, in order to deliver a mail to an ecologist. It is not so much about the story, but especially gameplay, graphics and soundeffects are totally unique. Blissful game experience granted. The only word of critic has to be made about the ingame-dialogues. They are also crafted very well, but somehow the number and frequency of the speech-bubbles not really fit the rhythm of the game and they are a little bit annoying. But this is not really a fault.

The first 25 levels are available free. To unlock the whole game you will spend 5,99 dollar. The game is played in the browser and it is almost a duty to check out the demo! This platform-game was made by Small Green Hill and definitely plays in the same league like Samorost or Machinarium by Amanita Design.

Games - Date published: October 3, 2009 | 2 Comments

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