Spaces of Play are coming back with a lovely new “handcrafted game”, called “Spirits“. The gameplay is, let’s name it, somehow derived from the good old Lemmings, but there are also many other games, that use the same game mechanics. The plus on that game are the handdrawn-styled, athmospheric graphics and the soundtrack, that tries to avoid sounding computerized. Sounddesigner Martin Straka used a libary of “orchestral sounds” to achieve that effect. I think the best aspect of that game overall will be the gameplay in itself. I still enjoy the first iPhone game “Mr. Bounce” from Spaces of Play: clean designed and still one of the best “Arkanoid variants” that are on the market. In other words: this guys know their craft!

Spirits is also IndieCade 2010 finalist. Let there be indies!!

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