smurf village

I just discovered the game “Smurfs Village” for iPhone and iPad, that was made by Capcom Mobile, and that is surprisingly well made. This days everywhere are the trailers for the Smurpfs movie are popping out, but I somehow dislike the way, the 3d-characters are made in the movie. Compared to the movie, this game is really close to the original Smurf-comics when it comes to the look and feel of the game. And this is really the quality.

The gameplay is really exactly like in Farmville: you create crops, harvest berries, build houses, make friends and visit other villages. There are some sublime differences and additional gameplay, for example you can mix Potions at Papa Smurf’s House or send Smurfs into the forest, to look out for the cat Azrael. This all sounds familiar, since the “additional gameplay” is 100% derived from the comic books. Even the graphics, in handdrawn-style, are more or less 1 to 1 taken from the original comic-books. But this indeed is the quality of the game: if you ever loved the Smurfs in your childhood, you will instantly love this game, because it has this strong and original vibes, the books have. Even if not, the Smurpf’s world is really unique at its own.

Although this is game from a comic or movie (that go normally wrong) I really can suggest this free to play game. If you play it through facebook, you can add me as a friend.

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