Cargo Bot is the first game “that was ever made entirely on the iPad”. It used the “Codea” Lua-Scripting environment, where you can code and run scripts directly on the iPad (which I recommend much!). Cargo Bot was made by Simeon Nasilowski, the guy behind “Two Lives Left”, who also made Codea itself.

And like Codea the quality of this game really matters: in Cargo Bot you use simple commands to program a cargo-lifter in order to solve simple tasks. You can build loops and little if-statements. In fact, this game is pretty close to programming (assembler for example), but it is still a very fun experience. This game is really fun and addictive as well – and it teaches you programming logic at the same time. Unfortunately only available for iPad, it is still an instant download, because the game is free at the moment as well. So don’t miss it!

Games - Date published: July 14, 2012 | 0 Comments

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