There are lot’s of homebrew stuff out there. We digged a lot and present here the best homebrew software aka tools. Enhance your portable device and change it into a usable, multi-purpose device.

Sony PSP

  • Bookr pdf-reader – One of the best homebrews ever. Seamlessly read eBooks, pdf-files and textfiles on your PSP.
  • PSP Radio – Connect to five hundred shoutcast-radio stations via wifi.
  • PSP Rhythm – Sequencer, sampler, 808, 909, 303 on you PSP. Believe it or not – instant liveact in your pocket.

Nintendo DS

  • Colors! DS – Digital painting application.
  • Pikilipita VJ – A VJ Software for doing visuals at night clubs or at the metro with iPod on. Available for GBA, so also Nintendo DS. A version for GP32 is also available.

Game Boy

  • Little Sound DJ – Tracker like music application for the Game Boy, unfortunatelly not available on cartridge anymore.
  • Nanoloop – Quite cool experimental music sequencer.

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