Dumpy Elephant Oculus Rift VR

Dumpy: a somehow crazy game for the Oculus Rift: You play an elephant, that just escaped from carnival and must find your way to freedom. As you can see, you have to use your elephants trunk to fight all the obstacles coming your way. This one solves gracefully the “no controller” problem of the Oculus Rift (There are obviously no buttons at the Oculus Rift).

This game is lovely made also when it comes to the overall style: starting friendly with bright colors it goes on and on to a more psychedelic trip to nowhere. An interesting game for an interesting controller, pushing new boundaries.

(via The Good Evil)

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Another obscure videogame-finding. Mag Max is an arcade game from Japan, made in 1985 by Nichibutsu. It’s basically a shooter-game. The graphic-style is interesting: it has some soft of pseudo 3d and an “over- and underworld”. Also some weapons are some sort of strange.

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This is a nice little feature film about Hal Lasko, a 97-year old man, who discovered digital painting tools as artwork expression helpers. The pictures he makes are somehow optimistic, playful and pixel art in the end.

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An excellent article about glitch-art and the development of this artistic genre is available at We make money not art. Nice pictures included, so go there!

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I just found this totally obscure C64 game, called “Dragons Den”. It seems, that this game was available back in the days on cartridge, meaning “plug-and-play”-fun. Also interesting, that the ride-level at full speed seems to be a very early predecessor of a “one-button-game”. If you want, the grandfather of Canabalt.

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DIN is Noise

Today I discovered this neat experimental soundtool from India, called DIN is Noise, developed by S. Jagannathan. This tool is a little hard to describe at the first glance…

In DIN is Noise you have some sort of “soundboard”, where you can put individual sounds on it and modulate the sounds while the are playing – including movement of the tones in the range of pitch and velocity.

This tool seems to be quite inspired by Indian microtonal music, because you can mess around with micro scales and complex sound transforms and seamless note pitching – things you will not meet that often at “ususal” music software.

Here is some video-tutorial – as you can see, that user interface has also its very own charming style…

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Peter Boeme Google Streetview Landscape

Cologne based illustrator and CG-artist Peter Boehme made a handful of landscape-illustrations, that are based upon explorations of Google Street-View. He basically used the Google-tool to find a landscape and then overdraw them. The result are really nice landscape drawings. And the remembrance to go more often on virtual walks with Street View…

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