Don’t click it is a research-study in interactive design from 2005 that follows a systematic approach of making complete interaction with the mouse, but without using the buttons. The websites informs about the history of mouse-interaction and delivers interesting statistics about button usage of the users. It also transforms: at first it’s really hard to resist clicking the button. But after a while you begin to wonder, why we still use the click? It’s like a miniature world. It made me see the click as a transitional frame of time in the history of computing, where CPU performance did matter and navigational elements were not be able to be as fluent as today. Nevertheless I think it’s unrealistic that we will abandon the click on some day. It is somehow similar to the QWERTY-Keyboard. At least we can doubt, that click-less designs really speed up work, like Benoit Espinola notices on his blog.

Research and Theory - Date published: April 11, 2008 | 1 Comment

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  1. Hy, your post bring me some reflection and ideas here is the result.

    I hope you enjoy it…

    PS: since I’m not at home I can’t access my FTP server – it seems to be blocked abroad France or I just forgot my password, so I’ll get you a touch when I’ll had published the processing sketch…