At the The U.K. games festival Gamecity they came up with some experimental works. The “Alaskan Military School design collective” should translate gaming experienced into a grid with 15 pixels in total (5×3). Here for example we have Street Fighter translated:

The GameCity-committee says about this work:

They each take one of our favourite games at GameCity HQ and translate them into a 15 pixel grid. It’s Hyper pixel minimalism! We realised that you can communicate the essence of great, iconic games with minimal visual information.

To be honest.. What the hell are they talking about? It should at least be possible to work out a game with a small grid – but not the other way around. This approach here doesn’t work for me. Look for example at Gamma 256 (results) or Mignonette.

A bit more interesting is this translation of Noby Noby Boy:


Research and Theory - Date published: October 11, 2009 | 2 Comments

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  1. These are really awesome! Thanks for posting them.

  2. Nek said:

    *sarcasm mode on*
    Ow… so that was street fighter.
    *sarcasm mode off*
    It’s a fail in terms of visual communication but a win in terms of making a minimalistic riddle for game fans.