Since weeks I am thinking about writing about this topic that really caught my interest. It’s about videos, that are really cheap in production, mostly even have a “lo-fi” aestetic as well, but nevertheless convince because they have the power of a good ideas, charima or funky tweaks, that make the difference. The begin of this new series on Digital Tools will make DJ Kawasaki.

The clip “Bright like Light”, well, basically does not show anything more that the singer itself at different places, singing her song. Nothing really special and really a classic in making music videos. Even the locations are nothing special. Mostly walls and things like that. The lack on original content or special places is totally replaced by the charisma of the singer and the natural vibe she spreads.

Just look at the video: production budget? Not very high. But I really liked that clip. You can make a clip like that also at home with standard equipment. And since we are living on a webvideo-age, also very high picture quality is needed not to convince the customer.

Research and Theory - Date published: August 14, 2008 | 3 Comments

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  1. paris said:

    True, I think you can make a good video on a small budget.
    Of course, it doesn’t hurt to have a cute girl singer though ;-)

  2. Naim said:

    Sweet christ I’m in love.

  3. Manuel said:

    If you have THAT girl, you can make any low budget video look great