The second part of our small series on low-budget, but highly effective production methods. This time we will review a videoclip from beloved Utada Hikaru.

The whole magic comes from the synchronization of the music with events on the scene. The camera perspective is really “static” and also the scene, that has been filmed can be considered “daily life”. The only things, that makes the clip special and suspending are the surprises that emerge of the connection between the music and the picture. The water-tap for example seems to trigger the beats, while other elements have mini-narratives. Hey, I mean.. at least there are parts, where the singer leaves the picture and you sort of see nothing. And it is still interesting to keep on watching.

Research and Theory - Date published: September 12, 2008 | 4 Comments

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  1. Riaz said:

    Here’s an example of a Pakistani music video that has a similar low production quality to it. Some interesting stuff is done with the editing and just the mixing of the video and sound.

  2. Yeah, that’s really an interesting mix of techniques (the music also nice, btw). I think the editing could have a little more drive to make a better point.

  3. games said:



  4. games said:


    This weekend will officially be our first sports session with the new society. Bear in mind that this weekend and next week, the sports are tryouts for Nottingham Malaysia games (November 8th 2008). So do your best and give it your all.