I am sure you already read somewhere about the Wolfire Humble Indie Game bundle. A whole bunch of great Indiegames for “Pay what you want”-price and DRM-free. The offer closes and slightly over million dollar were rised this way. Also two charity-oragnisations are supported by that amount of money raised (EFF and Child-Play), as well as the indie-developers itself. 4-color-rebellion wrote an interesting article about the money raised, the operating-split of the buyers, as well as piracy. About the piracy:

Well, over the past few days, Wolfire has seen 49.3 TB of raw downloads. The average user has downloaded about 490 MB of data (again, this is skewed by outliers – one user downloaded 10.3 GB). If you do some simple math, you find that there have been 105,497 downloaders. At the time that these numbers were released, there has been 79,000 paying customers. So, how about that? At least 25% of downloads of the Humble Indie Bundle have been by pirates (this doesn’t even include those that copied all of the games and mirrored them off-site).

Update: I just seen, that some of the titles are going to be released as open source: Aquaria, Gish, Lugaru HD and Penumbra Overture.

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