ScrollMotion is a company that focuses on iPhone-Applications and simplicity. They have 10 guiding principles about how to design applications and what mobile-applications should be able to do, compared to traditional web. Although manifestos like that can be a dangerous thing to stick onto, it nevertheless is definitely a good read for anyone, who want to get into mobile application design or who just loves to think and theorize about it. Examples:

1. 1 App = 1 Job

Think about one job you want to do for your user and do it well. It’s possible for an app to have multiple tasks. But at its core a mobile iPhone application should do one job in its user’s life. Remember, it’s better to do 1 thing great instead of 5 things just okay.

4. Instant Fun

New interfaces should be fun. When possible use the accelerometer, which allows the user to interact with the device using movement instead of just touch. Emphasize action, not buttons.

ScrollMotion Logo

Somehow the style from ScrollMotion as well as their thoughts about design remind me on the traditional technology-company Phillips.

Research and Theory - Date published: December 24, 2008 | 0 Comments

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