There have are lots sources on the topic of Agile Software Development. This kind of software development is the Zen of writing applications, games and websites. But where do I start?


There are a lot of websites, books and blogs dedicated to that topic. I just collected some essential reading on the web to get a first understanding of the concept of agile software development. First I recommend to grasp the model of iterative and incremental development to get an idea of continuous design and constant improvement.

A must have is the Agile Manifesto that really really provides the basic thoughts. Then you should take a quick look on two essays from Scott Ambler: Becoming Agile and Remaining Agile.

Dig Deeper

Now you’re done. You have a basic understanding on agile. If you want to dig deeper, than read about Extreme Programming (XP) or Agile Architecture Modelling.

There is also related reading on Digital Tools:

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  1. Mike Vizdos said:


    Wow. I wish it were that easy (smile).

    One other resource you may want to check out is

    I publish a weekly comic strip and blog about stuff I see in real-world Scrum environments.

    May be another useful resource!

    – mike vizdos

  2. Thanks for your contribution. Some real-life reflecting upon that fancy stuff meant to be good.

  3. Dhruva said:

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