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GEE Display 2

The German games-magazine “GEE” has shifted towards the iPad several months ago and regularly releases the “GEE Display” in the iPad Newsstand. GEE is known for its well-rounded games journalism, that does not only look on gaming-reviews, but also on the cultural side of gaming with aspects touching art, technology, society and politics.

Gee Display takes this approach onto the iPad and they made a good looking, relaxed and good to read iPad magazine. It features game-reviews, insight-reports, interviews and columns about art, music, gadgets and more. All articles are rounded up with high-resolution pictures, slideshows and/or videos, that play directly from the article.

Since the issue #4 Gee Display (App Store Link) is available in German and English as well. If you like a good gaming reading experience, you should take a look on this. The thing I like about reading “iPad Magazines” it, that it has a silent look and feel that is apart from the noise of the online-reading world. There are no bouncing ad-banners, to annoying click-me-here-or-there widget stuff. It’s just about the content and browsing.

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