wasd magazin

Suddently Germany has two new game-magazines! The first one is the WASD Magazine. It deals about “Texts about Games”. It is an essay-magazine, that should be released about every 6 month in a small addition. The format is a mix of magazine and book. Content is about culture of games, game-reflections and everything else, that the gamer wants, but does not find in the “review-gaming-zines”. The design of the magazine is very clear and looks like a “want-have” product. Yes, what have!!

Spielplatz Magazin

The second new kid on the block is the “Spielplatz Magazine“. It’s subtitle is “Games for Everyone” and its approach remembers me instantly on the GEE Mag. Compared to the WASD Magazine, Spielplatz only comes in a digital format: that is the AppStore (for iPhone and iPad) and web-based. The content is about games, new games, culture of games and anything else related to that culture. Welcome!

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