You can head over to the mini-site for Paniq’s new album “Beyond good and evil“. Have a listen there, buy the album as 320kbit mp3 or FLAC as pay what you want (no minimum required), of order the CD like shown above. Or order this CD along with a “Fine Arts Calender”. This is meanwhile tha 11th album from Paniq!

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I discovered this “chip”music-collection with the funny name “Trikitraki” this week at True Chip Till Death and listened to it many, many times. But still have a hard time to tell, if this is just genious or pure silly. All tunes were made with VST-Plugins and “real” Software instruments (no real chipmusic-equipment): “It can be considerated FAKECHIP sound. It’s basically tiny synth-waves and VST instruments, such as ymVST, magical8bit, medusa, casio vl-tone and tons of samples.“.

Basically I like really like the sound and idea of just mashing up VST with chipmusic production style. Results in cool and lil bit unusual sounds. The tracks itself hmmm… oscillate between sonic mastership and arranged boredom. With some good moments, and some naive sounding parts. At least an interesting records. Do yourself a favour and listen to this. It’s a free download (.zip) in the end.

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When you are out for a little bit of crazy chipmusic-Christmas music, than feel free to download this small, but exclusive (and very clean produced) collection of Christmas tunes from Herr Kaschke. Insane poppy beats meets classic tunes in a fresh and colored way. Let’s be nice! I know that your are nerds.

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One of the oldest netaudio-sites, the “Kahvi Collective” is still active after releasing 296 single releases with over 800 tracks. Kahvi is planning a new “Various Artist” Compilation for the beginning of the new year 2011 and they are looking for contributions for that release (feel free to contact Kahvi directly). The ones who know Kahvi know, that they have an unique IDM-ish sound, that held true from the very first Kahvi-release until know.

Time to look at the latest “Various Artists” compilation, called “Secret Games“. It is not only the cover that is good. The music is also dense, compact and light. Between some irrelevant tracks you will find some jewels at “Secret Games”, tracks that are good not only from a musical point of view, but also mixed and mastered very quietly. A little bit of tracker music meets digital clarity and the warmth of a open fire at wintertime.

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It seems, that I’ve overseen a really good C++ library called “Cinder“, that was released in May 2010. It offers a long lost of cool features and is lightweight and multi-purpose in its design. It also integrates seamless with the web on the one hand, and iOS with multi-touch on the other. One of the most prominent users is Robert “Flight404″ Hodgin, who also wrote some tutorials on the Cinder Website. The library was initiated by The Babarian Group, but now resides in the open source world, developed by community effort. Plus: it is BSD-licenced, so go for it!

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Jeez, jump and run-lovers have a really good reason to cheer up: Frogatto is a free platformer with astounding fresh and detailed pixelart, solid gameplay, that is available for all operating systems! That are good news, especially for Mac OS X and Linux-users, because there is a decent lack of free indiegames with that flavour. The sourcecode of the game is open-source (the code, not the artworks!), only iPod/iPhone users have to pay five dollar for the game. The developers also accept donations. I would say: just have a download! It is absolutely worth it!

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Jay Tholen submitted a post to True Chip Till Death, where he announced his album “Fruiht Tageur“, that is available as free download (mp3/flac). This album is too obscure and too good, to be ignored. Fruiht Tageur is a vivid journey through strange, half-lit landscapes. It’s a crossover of many different genres, a little bit of chipmusic, pop and even progressive rock. The instruments used on this production are as diverse as the genres. Chipmusic meets bass, vocals, ukulele and drums. Simply a great piece of art. Don’t miss this download!

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