Last week the Cologne Commons 2010 was held, and I guess the conference and festival can be name a big success. I received only positive feedback so far. We are collecting pictures and references at the Cologne Commons site.

[in]anace, the “Godfather of Netaudio-DJing”, played at the second day of the festival. He recorded the live-set as well and put it up in the internet. Expect high-energy netaudio beats and electronic listening pleasure, with that very special [in]anance flavour. His music and DJ-sets are always a little bit of “physical”. This mix should not be missed. Grab or listen to it at the website of [in]anace.

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Interesting and sometimes hard chipmusic listening on the NES inspired album “Sky Burial” from Prizmatic Spray. It’s available as a free download. According to TCTD, we hear about the production from the creator Jace Bartet (please correct me, if I am wrong):

“Sky Burial is 10 songs made without automation or external effects in a tracker using common Nintendo Entertainment System sample loops that I cleaned up and fine-tuned a few cents here and there, with special thanks to bucky for Snare #25 from his DPCM pack and maktone for the kick drum”.

Expect something like Megaman meets complex death metal beats. (via TCTD, obviously!)

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If you are into techno-music, than you will like this two releases.

Mango Aioli presents free techno music on X

This is X from the uprising techno DJ and producer Mango Aioli. It’s a compilation of free techno music, licensed under Creative Commons. The tracks on this album are free floating and compiled in a very consistent way. Some real burners are on this compilation as well, opening huge rooms of pure sound and solid drive. Don’t miss that experience. Go to the compilation-site or download .zip (155 MB).

Zimmer Records 054: Doryk – Destructive Material

Much more dry is the recent release on Zimmer-Records “Doryk – Destructive Material“. Hard techno music for people who like pure sonic waved. Just try it – it is free music as well.

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175 Megabytes worth downloading retro-futuristic-chipmusic at the “Memories of the Future“-compilation. This is food for 80iers-lovers. The album was released on the netlabel Select Start Records. Artwork is enjoyful, too, made by Nazzilla – recommended to pixellovers with rough and shiny attitudes. (via)

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According to the netlabel Tribetoolz, the Roland TB-303 has its birthday today, on the 03.03. And I wonder if the surname “303” comes from this date? To celebrate the birthday of this one of the most interesting and groundbreaking music-tools ever been, they released a free Acid-compilation. I love acid! Get the compilation at Tribetoolz.

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Lucid Freaks pt.2 – the remixes

Does anyone know, what is going on inside the labs of Error Broadcast netlabel? Insane things! Whow. They released remixes from the Pixelords – Lucid Freaks pt.1. And this remixes are reaching out far more into incredible spaces and unheard regions of crushing beats and playing with sound. Much more sonic than the first one and still with nerofunk-cyberpunk gaming oddities in heard and soul. I have to say so: a must have!

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Lately I was having the “fun” of customizing a website for showing up nicely on the browser, but also on the iPhone / iPod Touch as well. I wanted to do this job without supporting completely new views or html for the mobile device. The solution was, to do some tight customizing of the css-files, in order to show custom portions of content on regular browsers or on the mobile phone. One thing that helps is thinking css-class-definitions just like objects you know from OOP (object orientated programming). Each class got it’s properties, and you can select to show them or not, depending on the device, that is browsing the site. A little bit like adding informed behavior to your plain old html, depending on the browser, that visits the site.

Ok, let’s start! We first need to find out, if the site loads on a mobile like iPhone or not and load custom css, that contains css-data only for the mobile. Follow this tutorial to get a healthy start. It provides a standard-technique to do this task. It’s really simple, it loads a css-file only if the browser-width is smaller than 480 pixels in our case.

Type in

<link media="only screen and (max-device-width: 480px)" 
href="iphone.css" type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" />

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