The artwork is intense and strange like the music. A perfect fit!

Hurray! The netlabel Error Broadcast is back with a new release! And everything looks and sounds friendly and promising. Whether it be the title, tracknames like “Boss Worm” or “Quarty Boy”, the very beautiful cover-artwork or the broken shitloads of beats with warm reminiscene to analog gaming goodness. Yay. This is truly a good one. Go and have a listen! You can download this four tracks for free, or choose to purchase them in a very high flac-quality at bandcamp. Go for it, it is just 2 Euros!! Artwork by Michael Dotson. Strange things.

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The Phlow-Magazine finally released a new compilation with love. The tunes of the Creative Commons licensed music come with a really good dose of pop-, dance and funk-flavour. A huge counterpart to all that electronic- and techno-driven stuff you often find on the netlabel-scene. Apart from that: the artwork is lovely as well, made by Cologne illustration artist Jeannette Corneille. Handmade and ready to print-out and send via snailmail to all your friends. Contains music from all around the world!

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The Assemblee competition is done – votings for the submissions are now accepted. The whole Assemblee was this kind of… massive! It was a cometition based on two parts. In the first part, everyone was invited to submit graphics, sprites and all other kinds of assets to make a game out of it. Not only the number, but also the quality of the submissions (warning, huge list) was awesome. A big pool computer- and gamegraphics. There was also a part about music. In total over 170 people submitted stuff. All this content is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

In the next step of the compo, this assets were used, in order to make games. In total 73 games were submitted. And they all look extremely cool. You now have the chance to make the Assemblee-organizers a little bit of work by voting. There are votings for the assets and votings for the final games. Whatever you do – have fun exploring this stuff. Votings are open till 3rd February 2010. Thanks to all participants for this!

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A totally freaky album was released on the french netlabel “Da ! Heard It Records”. Like the title suggests, the topic is about “Hadoupi”, the “Three-Strikes-Law”, that was established in France. This will allow to disconnect filesharers from the internet. Sad, but true. In own words of the creators of this album “Mr. Hadopi” is a “vibrant ode to free culture“. The music is a really wild mixture of broken beats, echoes of break dance, funk and disco and a good dose of chip- and computermusic. Download of the day!

Get it at the release-site, download it as .zip (ogg / mp3) or pre-listen at last.fm.

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Hey Friends. As you might know, I am co-organizing the Cologne Commons Festival, the festival about sharing, Creative Commons, free music, free art and free culture. In 2010 we will have the second edition of the festival. To start things gentle, feel free to download our winter-compilation. At this compilation you can find cold and warm wintermusic. Be shareful!

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I’m totally not sure yet what to think of the new (and still beta) release of NodeBox 2 (located at this beta-site at the moment). It is once again GPL and build upon NodeBox. You can use Python-Scripts to generate “generative art”. Like the original NodeBox, that was Macintosh-only, NodeBox2 has the emphasis clearly on simplicity and quick and direct results. In this release they have two new main features. The first one is not really a feature in the deeper sense of meaning: It is available for Windows. The second: It’s got a graphical-editor, where you can combine modules in some sort of “maxMSP-style”. I just played with it a little bit, and can confirm, that this approach really leads to once again much quicker results, than tinkering with code only. Purist will also come to their right, because tinkering with code only is also an option. Well, let’s see how this new (kind of) user-interface will react with the output. I am totally in love with this plain simplicity of NodeBox1. Having too much of everything, and getting results too quickly is not always for the best. Let’s just wait and see what will happen.



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Great idea! Great Execution. A Winamp skin, expecially for the upcoming Blip-Festival. Get it here: .wsz. (via)

(Did you know, we have an Interview with Justin Frankel about the “early years of Winamp” available?)

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