Jason Rohrer made a game, that finally crosses the border to concept art. He build a game, that should be played by people “2000 years from now on“.

He made a computer-simulation of his board-game and a special AI, that was able to “modify the ruleset to balance the game”. He did no wanted to play the game himself – this game should be left unplayed until the future.

The last step of the process was to bury the game in the desert of Nevada. He presented this work at the GDC 2013 Game Design Challenge. The topic was “Humanity’s Last Game”. His inspiration came from ancient board games like “Mancala” or catheral builders, who started the project, but never their lifetime could see the finished piece. Read the whole story at Polygon.

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This video features a “supercut” of all videogames, that were ever played in The Simpsons. Most stuff to laugh at, but also some very interesting ideas in it. A especially like “Uh no, you’re in Texas”, the highly educational game “Word Jammers” and the golf-simulator at the end of the vid… (via)

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Fist of Awesome is coming to platforms soon. It’s a game, that can be gracefully described by Sword and Sworcery aesthetics (and Lumberjacks!) meets Double Dragon gameplay. This game was previously backed by Kickstarter is should be released for iOS, Android, OUYA this spring and Mac/PC later this year. This game was made by I fight bears.

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Look out for Retro City Rampage. A game, that seemed to be in development for over ten years and that now is available for almost every indie-platform available. It’s a game, that uses the very first GTA game mechanic and oldschool charming NES look – and full of small jokes. Indeed, there is an intimate relationship between the NES and the creator of this game. Read the whole story (and a video) at 4 Color Rebellion.

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Korean Artist Seung Mo Park uses wire meshes and simple wires to create huge, realistic looking portraits. They look a little bit like old woodcuts. Portraits are from the series “Maya“. (via)

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A beautiful view over the river Rhine in Cologne

ASCII Street View is a wonderful mashup-application, featuring Google StreetView, WebGL and a Image to ASCII-renderer. You can go along with Street View and enjoy city-panoramas rendered in ASCII. Beatuiful stuff for digital nerds. A little bit, like landscape-painting 2.0. The project was made by Peter Nitsch. You can read more about it at Teehan and Lax.

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By coincidence I found this neat tool called Fugu, that uses Lua to generate 3D-forms. The tools seems very straightforward: After download the small IDE you directly have a short tutorial and hands-on on your screen. After a small research, I figured out, that this project is currently alpha and discontinued. In the end it is open-source and the project-founders would be happy, if there would be someone to take this project further.

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