Lux is an animation short movie. It’s the graduation work from Juliette Oberndorfer. The topic of the movie is sort of “abstract” – but the good feel for the colors used alone is worth watching it. (via)

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Animation artist Arnaud Jourdain made high-resolution images from graffiti in Paris over a time-period of five years. He then used this material to not only make some interesting animation movies. The best part is the “3d view” of the single artwork-layers. A little bit like an “archeology of graffiti”. Enjoy! (via)

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Scholar Labs 3d-printing failures. Why not add your own in the comments?

3D-printing at FabLabs is still a young discipline and a craft, that is not too easy to master. There are lots and lots of tries to achieve the desired results with 3d-printing – including figure out parameters like temperature, speed, material, construction etc… (we at Dingfabrik Cologne can agree with that).

But why not turn around perception and see the mis-printings in a new light? Design Architect Jeremy Boggs in the Scholars’ Lab did this step and posted a series of failed printing. Is maybe this the beginning of a new direction of messing with 3d-printers? Some sort of “tangible glitch-art” emerging? (via)

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Selfmade robotic project made for a musicvideo from Daedelus, using LEDs and long-time expose. Really a nice aesthetic, that extends the ever growing vocabulary of possible visual languages in most recent times. Great stuff to build upon. The video was made by Scion AV.

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A video-overview of the Platine2012 New Media Art Festival, that was held this summer in Cologne. The video contains some short interview with the creators of the artworks as well.

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The Swedish journalist and web editor Mathias Jansson put together a book about game art. Most of the contents are interviews with people, who are deep into the art and creation of making games, like Jonatan Söderström “Cactus”, Jeroen D. Stout or Krystian Majewski. This makes it a very valuable and insightful resource on games, game art and mutlimedia arts in general. The book is called “Everything I shoot is art“. The book is freely available on the web and can also be bought as paperback edition. (via Next Level)

Before this book Mathias released another 500+ pages book about a silmilar topic called “Insert Art to Play”. This book was also available for free on the web, but is currently offline, because this book should be released as paperback.

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It’s a long time ago, since I heard the last time something from John Maeda. But here is a new TED-Talk Maeda gave. The biggest effort from Maeda in general is to combine the art and design perspective with business and technology. And so is this talk as well. On the one hand, no extremely new perspectives, that Maeda offers in this talk. On the other hand, it is always important to remeber to good old basics when it comes to art, design and perception. At the end of the presentation, he comes up with the vision of “creative leadership” and mocks up a special designed interactive tool, for leading a medium sized business. (via phlow, thx!)

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